The HABU Accelerator Podcast

Ep011: Offering 401k Services and Programs to your Clients

January 31st, 2023

On this edition of the Advisory Accelerator Podcast, we connect with Bob Rubin of your 401k about how his firm partners with accounting firms to help them offer 401k services to their clients. can also help companies with their own 401K programs to make sure they're as impactful as possible. Bob is behind our 401k program at Engineered Advisory and all of our related companies.

We had a great conversation about helping people retire financially stress-free who might have flunked a compliance test by working around the average deferral percentage tests and force refunds to give contributions back to the employees that were deducted from their pay.

He does a fantastic job and you will enjoy listening to what he has to say.


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Robert Rubin