Robert Rubin

Special guest

Bob Rubin, CLU, ChFC a trusted leader in the financial services industry with over 30 years of experience helping clients just like you. He is a sought after national speaker and expert on financial and estate planning, for individuals, families and business owners.

Your Financial Freedom Fighter

Bob Rubin is a proud American who loves this country and the opportunities it provides. With an entrepreneurial spirit guiding him, Bob is a problem solver at heart.

Bob is the president and founder of Rubin Wealth Advisors. Like most financial advisors, Bob spends his days and nights thinking about his clients and their financial well-being.

But that’s not what makes Bob stand out from the crowd. Bob knows there are more challenges for individuals and business owners than ever before, especially with all the unnecessary Big Government regulations and taxes.

Bob is your Financial Freedom Fighter.

He loves G-d, guns, family, and country. He understands freedom is one of the natural rights bestowed on us by G-d. He knows our Second Amendment protects our right to defend ourselves. He knows that his reason for being begins with his wife and his three sons and extends to his friends, his clients and his country.

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