The HABU Accelerator Podcast

Ep014: Tax-Efficient Jet Ownership through Charter Aviation Programs

May 23rd, 2023

On this edition of the Advisory Accelerator Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Quinn Ricker, CEO of Jet Access Aviation. Quinn provided an in-depth look at how to use the charter program to reduce the cost of ownership and maximize the tax benefits of private plane ownership.

He explains the importance of exercising the asset, understanding the pedigree of the plane, and leveraging the upfront tax benefit of private jet ownership. In addition, Quinn touched on the importance of safety in the private jet industry and how it can lead to a great customer experience.

We discussed his insights on the world of private aviation and how it can benefit both businesses and individuals. Listen in as Quinn explains the importance of having a flight school to ensure a steady pipeline of highly trained, skilled pilots, the importance of having an FBO to store planes, as well as the need for proper maintenance and sales and acquisition services.


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