Philip Wentworth

Special guest

I want to improve your business's cash flow by up to 40%.

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Rockerbox, my goal is to help sustain and grow every small business in America through the power of various employer-based tax credit programs. While it may be a relatively young company, Rockerbox has already made a significant impact to help improve the cash flow for small businesses by effectively executing tax credit programs like ERTC, PPP, and more. Learn more about the work that feeds my passion for helping small businesses and visit our website at

In addition to Rockerbox, I'm proud to lend my experience and expertise as the Co-Founder and CEO of SWAY, a reputation management firm. I'm also acting as the Managing Director at Cadre Heath and the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Proxxy, all located in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Before my current positions, I worked for over fifteen years in marketing and business development, with ten of those years spent in a management position. I was able to help my employers create and execute effective customer acquisition and retention strategies.

My formal sales training came from time spent at 'big box' firms like Xerox and Prudential Securities. However, most of my executive-professional career has been with start-ups and early capitalized firms like WebCE, Consulture, AgVantis, iTech, and KeepMyID.

I live in Dallas, Texas, and enjoy riding my motorcycle, spending time with friends and family while in search of a new restaurant or culinary mystery.

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